A Fitness Community Like None Other

Today, starting just about the same time this blog entry is posted, is the big show of the running world: the Boston Marathon.
4-20 2015bostonmarathon
Even if you’re not a runner, you know that Boston is the marathon of all marathons.
In honor of this big day for lots of people, I thought I’d take a little time to pay tribute to the most amazing community of strangers I’ve ever encountered in fitness: the running community.
Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon...largest half marathon in the country

Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon…largest half marathon in the country


Why is this community so fantastic?
1. Even people who don’t run get to be part of the community.
4-20 Photo Non Runner
2. Runners still cheer on those who are racing “against” them.
I distinctly remember being passed by people when struggling on a walk break who told me to “keep going” or “you’re almost there.”  Plus, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you went, there will be people there to cheer you on (and give you a medal) when you finish.
3. They always wave at each other out on the trails.
Unless they don’t, and then I get really angry.
4. Runners party before, during, and after the race.
From night-before dinners, to on-course entertainment, to post-race parties, a race is not just a competition; it’s a celebration.
4-20 Photo Balloons
So, today, even if you only run from the kitchen to the family room, I challenge you to create your own mini Boston marathon within your day.  Then, head to the comments and let us know where you ran (or where you plan to run)!
Looking for an awesome fitness community of your own, but don’t want anything to do with running races?  That’s ok!  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, because Thursday I will be sharing some tips for how to find a fitness community of your own that fits your needs (plus, you get a pretty awesome free gift when you sign up).
Don’t forget to share with a runner in your life!

The #1 Necessity for Making Fitness the Most Stress-Free Part of Your Day

I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed, I feel like the whole world is moving at fast forward, including my thoughts and, likely, my actions.
My mind is racing too much to make a feasible plan for just about anything.  So, getting my workout in, for me, would typically be the workout that requires the least preparation: running.

And then, I look outside, and it is a hot rainy mess.  Not worth it.

I’m left with a choice: figure out another workout (i.e. more stress) or don’t work out at all (also, more stress).

How do we make fitness the most stress-free part of our day?  It’s simple.

Always, always have a fitness plan.

If you are signed up for my newsletter and got my guide to making workouts fit your busy schedule, you know that scheduling your workouts is one of my biggest tips.

However, simply scheduling your workout without a plan of what you’ll do with your time just creates an excuse to skip your workout.

Your plan doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you have a lot of exercises in your mental bag of tricks, a plan like this could be all you need:

4-13 Blog Graphic 1

If you don’t, maybe your schedule can look more like this:

4-13 Blog Graphic 2

Is just the idea of creating your own plan causing you stress?  Call in some assistance!  Check out my membership page for options on virtual training programs.

This option might be your saving grace if…

  • You have a specific fitness goal and you aren’t quite sure how to get there.
  • You don’t have many exercises in your mental bag of tricks, or find it difficult to conjure them up on the fly.
  • You get bored easily and want to make sure you have variety in your routine so you stick to it.
  • You just plain don’t have the time to create a plan for yourself (or, if nothing else, you know you won’t take the time).

So, get busy!  If you are ready to make your own plan, get it scheduled for this week!  If not, check out your options for having a plan created for you. I’d love to help!

After you’ve made your plan, head to the comments section below and share your plan for tomorrow.  Your idea might help someone else make a plan of her own.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, please share with your friends!  They might find it helpful too!

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